Monday, March 31, 2008


A lot can happen in two years, especially in the internet. Two years ago when I began Galatea Resurrects (GR), blogged reviews weren't so common. But GR obviously fulfilled a need. A blog that I thought -- hoped! -- would manage to muster at least five reviews per issue just took off. And now reviews on blogs have blossomed elsewhere.

But this only makes me more honored that reviewers -- all volunteers, y'all -- continue to send GR their reviews or engagements. And I am delighted to share that, with Issue No. 9, GR continues to thrive -- bringing total new reviews to date to 470 (a summary can be seen at GR's List Of Reviewed Publishers). I had thought that last issue's new reviews/engagements numbering 64 would be a record. Instead, Issue No. 9 offers 65! Here are the stats showing showing Poetry's loveable relevance:

Issue 1: 27 new reviews
Issue 2: 39 new reviews (one project was reviewed twice by different reviewers)
Issue 3: 49 new reviews (two projects were each reviewed twice)
Issue 4: 61 new reviews (one project was reviewed thrice, and three projects were each reviewed twice)
Issue 5: 56 new reviews (four projects were each reviewed twice)
Issue 6: 56 new reviews (one project was reviewed twice)
Issue 7: 51 new reviews
Issue 8: 64 new reviews (3 projects were each reviewed twice)
Issue 9: 65 new reviews

Of such, the following were generated from review copies sent to GR:

Issue 1: 9 out of 27 new reviews
Issue 2: 25 out of 39 new reviews
Issue 3: 27 out of 49 new reviews
Issue 4: 41 out of 61 new reviews
Issue 5: 34 out of 56 new reviews
Issue 6: 35 out of 56 new reviews
Issue 7: 41 out of 51 new reviews
Issue 8: 35 out of 64 new reviews
Issue 9: 42 out of 65 new reviews

I continue to encourage authors/publishers to send in your projects for potential review. Obviously, people are following up with your submissions! Information for submissions and available review copies HERE.


As I've said before, your Editor is blind, so if there are typos/errors in the issue, just email Moi or put in the comments sections and I will swiftly correct said mistakes (since such is allowed by Blogger).


The poet-scholar-critic Timothy Yu recently presented a paper on poetry blogs at the "Markets: From the Bazaar to eBay" conference held by the University of Toronto's Centre for Diaspora and Transnational Studies. You can see the paper HERE, but here's an excerpt:
Tabios also edits the blog-based book review Galatea Resurrects, a mixture of original reviews and reprints of print reviews that she regards as a form of “cultural activism” because it calls “more attention to poetry in all its forms, schools, approaches and other variety.” She also argues that blogs may allow “poetry to expand its audience beyond other poets”—in part, I would add, because most blogs do not require one to be a subscriber to read their content.

But, of course, Poetry is a gift economy -- hence, GR. And, yes, based on various emails, I know that it's expanded the audience for poetry -- it's even been a reference for some poetry/creative writing classes!


For the past several months, I've spent much time on airplanes and other non-U.S. terroir. I, indeed, write this as I have one foot (with a non-matching shoe I suddenly realize) pointed to yet another airport tarmac. And so, no new dawg photo this issue, but I happily cheat with an oldie here with Achilles

because it's become a warm Spring in Napa Valley, purrr-fect for eating the French way, to wit, with a dog by your table at your favored eateries. May you eat well, drink well, and nuzzle well.

With much Love, Fur and Poetry,

Eileen Tabios
St. Helena, CA
March 31, 2008

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